BoE Cut Base Rate

Good news for debtors, bad news for savers; the Brexit saga rumbles on. Today the Governor of the Bank of England, Mark Carney, announced a cut in interest rates to 0.25%, its lowest ever rate. Acc...


Defining ‘Europe’

European Union 28 members (including UK) Single maket of free trade and regulation Free movement of goods, services, capital, and people. Eurozone 19 members All members use the Euro currency Europ...

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What are Trade Tariffs?

In light of our forthcoming Campaign to end Trade Tariffs internationally we have prepared an introductory comment on the history of Tariffs and the current issues surrounding them.   Early uses of...


Will Brexit Hinder Exporting?

The Channel Group is in favour of a reformed European Union removing the red tape on SME’s. This week will see the resolution of David Cameron’s proposal to remain in the European Union, Trusk has ...


Taiwan’s Comparative Advantage

Election fever is in the air with the results from Iowa bringing us one step closer to a new ‘leader of the free world’ but this is not the only exciting election of late. In Taiwan last week Tsai ...

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Iran’s future

  The Channel Group welcomes the news that Iran has reached an agreement with the US, EU and the International Atomic Energy Agency about its nuclear programme. There has been much speculation...


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