• Bombardier

    America First bites Bombardier

    Over the last few weeks, we have seen the first effects of the new US international trade policy of America First hit the UK, in what could be a costly dispute for jobs and the [...]
  • Free Trade Lowers Prices - The Channel Group

    How does trade benefit you?

    When we established The Channel Group in 2015, it was in response to a growing protectionist atmosphere globally. Capitalism, the economic system that has lifted millions out of poverty, had become a dirty word and [...]
  • Manifesto

    Manifesto Pledges Compared

    Conservatives "Forward Together" Labour "For the many, not the few" Liberal Democrats "Change Britain's Future" EU Trade Conservatives "A strong economy built on sound public finances, low taxes, better regulation and free trade deals with [...]

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Regional Infrastructure Report

May 19, 2016

Introduction: Businesses have traditionally expanded more easily and efficiently when there has been a good level of investment in supporting […]


Trade Tariffs Report

May 2, 2016

The Channel Group is campaigning for an end to international trade tariffs and protectionism. The first report in our campaign is “Breaking […]