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    UK Triggers Article 50

    Theresa May’s letter triggering Article 50 has been delivered to European Council President Donald Tusk. The full letter can be read here. We analyse the contents below. UK and EU would both lose without a [...]
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    EU Draft Resolution Leaked

    A draft resolution, due to be tabled later today in the European Parliament, as been leaked. The draft motion for a resolution is supported by Guy Verhofstad (ALDE), Manfred Weber (PPE), Gianni Pitella (S&D), Philippe [...]
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    The Benefits of Free Trade

    There are many advantages of free trade. It can solve some of the worlds most serious problems. Here we will outline why free trade should be celebrated. We also challenge some of the misconceptions about free [...]
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    News Summary 20 March 17

    A summary of the most important trade news stories from the past week. This summary is emailed to our subscribers every Monday morning, along with the latest comment and analysis from The Channel Group. If you [...]
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    Free Trade is Under Threat

    Free trade is under threat, protectionism is on the rise, and countries around the world are preparing for trade wars. The positive legacy created by years of increasingly free trade is threatened – free trade creates jobs, [...]

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Regional Infrastructure Report

May 19, 2016

Introduction: Businesses have traditionally expanded more easily and efficiently when there has been a good level of investment in supporting […]


Trade Tariffs Report

May 2, 2016

The Channel Group is campaigning for an end to international trade tariffs and protectionism. The first report in our campaign is “Breaking […]