The Channel Group is a boutique trade consultancy business focusing on providing insight and access to emerging and frontier markets.

We work with government and corporate partners to provide access to some of the most challenging global markets for our clients. Although barriers to entry may be significant and at times challenging to overcome, the opportunities available to businesses and investors are enormous in these often overlooked markets.

We believe that the only way to provide sound advice is to ‘walk the boundary’ of each project we research. Allowing us to provide a more in-depth analysis of potential opportunities for our clients.

The Channel Group was founded in 2015 as a free trade think tank by four partners with experience in business, politics, law and finance. The partners came together to create a strong voice for international Free Trade, revoicing the arguments made by the early liberal pioneers of free trade in the 1800’s. As our business developed, we became increasingly more engaged in consulting for clients and relaunched as a consultancy service in 2018.