The Channel Group provides a bespoke trade consultancy service for companies looking to invest, export or expand their export offering to emerging and frontier markets around the world.

From our bases in the UK, Latvia and Bosnia & Herzegovina we work with clients to open up new markets for their products and advise on creating a sustainable and cost-effective supply chain utilizing the opportunities available in complex markets around the world.

We not only provide market research when looking for potential opportunities but also assist in implementing your project on the ground. Our work ranges from sourcing expertise, finance and suppliers to establishing a rugged yet efficient supply chain and project management in challenging environments.

Our core aims:

Serve as an independent expert in international trade.

We work with businesses and governments to locate and research investment and trade opportunities across a range of frontier and emerging markets. Our research provides businesses with the information required to establish trade links or invest in challenging markets around the world.

Walk the boundary.

Taking from the old conveyancing adage that you can only provide sound advice by spending time on the ground, we believe that it is essential to explore opportunities in person, rather than relying on desk research.

Work with governments and regulators to remove barriers to trade.

We challenge regulators and governments to achieve Free Trade. We will work with legislative and trade bodies to provide the best deal for businesses and open up new markets for our clients.

Encourage prosperity in emerging and frontier markets.

Our clients care about the countries they do business in and so do we. By providing investment in developing markets and stimulating trade we can increase prosperity within these countries. More prosperity means more trade and therefore economic growth and more value within a market.

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