The Channel Group is an independent think tank
established to champion Free Trade

We collaborate with leading thinkers to put forward a vision of international free trade, the breaking down of trade barriers and the ending of internal protectionist measures. Through rigorous independent research and insightful comment, The Channel Group informs debate and develops policy.

The Channel Group was founded in 2015 by a group of individuals with experience in business, politics, law and finance. The Partners came together to create a strong voice for international Free Trade.

The Channel Group will:

Serve as an independent expert in international trade.

We will work with experts from industry, academic institutions and commentators to produce detailed reports. Our reports will inform businesses and governments about the latest trade developments and offer advice about how to capitalise on these changes.

Support Free Trade.

The experience of our Members and Partners will inform our work. We will put forward the case for Free Trade to an international audience. We will offer independent advice to our Members on trade issues.

Work with governments and regulators to remove barriers to trade.

We will challenge regulators and governments to achieve Free Trade. We will work with legislative and trade bodies to provide the best deal for businesses.

Educate the public on trade issues.

We will gain public support for our core aims. we will educate the public and promote the benefits of Free Trade to a wider audience. We will reinforce the link between a strong export sector, a strong economy and individual financial well-being.