The Channel Group is now accepting submissions for the Alfred Illingworth Prize 2017. We will award the prize to the best article published on our website each year. Authors are invited to submit articles for consideration and we will publish selected articles. We will also select articles for commendation every month.

The Alfred Illingworth Prize will be awarded in the following categories: Best New Writing on Trade and Best New Student Writing on Trade. There will also be a prize awarded for Free Trade Champion – awarded to the business, political, or other individual/organisation that has done the most to champion free trade.

  • Best New Writing on Trade

Previous comment articles have studied philosophical aspects of free trade or have analysed the latest news. Some have covered business, infrastructure, or investment, but all have a relevance to international trade. Authors will be given full credit, and we ask that you submit a short bibliography and profile picture with your article. To submit your article, please use the form below. 

  • Best New Student Writing on Trade

As with the Best New Writing on Trade Prize, but entrants must be students in full-time education. To submit your article, please use the form below. 

  • Free Trade Champion

This prize is awarded to the individual or organisation that has done the most to champion the case for free trade. This prize is given at the discretion of the awarding panel.

Prize Giving

Prizes will be award annually in the Spring. Prize winners will be selected by an awarding panel and will be contacted via email.

If submissions have been of a sufficiently high standard, commended authors will be contacted monthly via email.

About Alfred Illingworth

Alfred Illingworth The Channel Group

Alfred was an English Liberal politician born in Bradford in 1827. He worked in the family worsted spinning business of D Illingworth & Sons. In 1865, with his brother Henry, he established the Whetley Mills, one of the largest factories in Bradford. He had strong views on free trade. His descendant, Toby Illingworth, is a Partner of The Channel Group.

On Free Trade

“If I knew I should forfeit the confidence of the Trades Unionists and lose my seat in the House in consequence, no vote of mine should ever be given in favour of [retaliatoyry tariffs or export subsidies], knowing as I do the great advantages we derive from Free Trade.” House of Commons, 29 March 1889

On Protectionist Measures

“I do not hesitate to say that the hostile tariffs of every country in the world have operated to some extent injuriously to the trade of this country … If it is one-sided Free Trade, it is all in favour of this country, and the burden falls on others. They have to pay an increased, even an extravagant, price for their commodities. If we can induce this Government, or any Government or country, to take up the question of these excessive and crushing [protectionist measures], which are the curse of the world, we should do something to improve our own industries and to better industrial relationships with and in every country in Europe.” House of Commons, 9th February 1892

Alfred Illingworth Prize

Entry Form

Awarded to the best comment article published on The Channel Group each year.

If you would like to submit an article for consideration, please fill out the form below. We welcome all submissions but reserve the right not to publish. Please read the full submission policy here.