A variety of tools provided by The Channel Group to help you understand more about international trade.

Learn about the key themes in international trade, easily see and understand the data behind the headlines, and watch videos explaining more about a variety of trade-related topics.

The benefits of free trade

There are many advantages of free trade. It can solveĀ some of the worlds most serious problems. Here we will outline why free trade should be celebrated. We also challenge some of the misconceptions about free trade.


Our data section contains easy to understand are data. Find information about UK trade – about ourĀ largest trading partners and major exports – as well as data from the UK shipping industry and freight travelling by rail and road.


Our glossary containing definitions and explanations of the most common words and phrases in international trade. What is Article 50 and how is it triggered? What are WTO rules? What is the single market?


Watch are videos which explain more about trade, including the history of commerce.