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The Channel Group is campaigning for an end to international trade tariffs and protectionism. The first report in our campaign is “Breaking Down the Barriers – Why it’s time to remove global tariff’s forever” which introduces the arguments and our reasons for challenging tariffs and protectionism.

Executive Summary

  • International trade has an enormously positive net impact on the world, which is enjoyed both by developed and developing nations.
  • Diverse groups of countries with different economies all enjoy positive results when they enter into free trade agreements.
  • Arguments for the imposition of tariffs, even in special circumstances, are flawed. Whilst emerging economies might see short-term security arising from protection, there is no long-term benefit to be drawn. There are better ways of ensuring the success of fledgling sectors.
  • Tariffs and other protectionist instruments handicap technological progress, harm poor countries disproportionately and keep prices artificially high for consumers.
  • Although tariffs, subsidies and quotas are being phased out across the world, and the number of trade inhibiting measures has fallen rapidly in the last 50 years, those that are left continue to impede the pace of progress.

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